Monday, 25 February 2008


I rarely read women’s magazines because I find most of their content useless. My Mum gave me a few to take to the beach, so I thought I’d take a look.

I was disgusted. I’ve never read such drivel or seen so many pictures of undernourished women.

Article after article of quotes by stick figures saying they can eat what they like and never have to work out. What kind of role models are these people for our young girls?

Out of five magazines, I could only find a couple of articles worth reading. I found this quote from Kate Beckinsale quite refreshing, “I have days when I feel great and then I have days when my arse won’t fit into my jeans. I guess when you become an actress you hope those fat - arse days will go away but of course, they don’t”. Yay, finally some honesty.

I struggled with my body image for years. I hated my curves when I was a teenager and experimented with diet pills, laxatives, smoking and exercising to lose weight. I lost a lot of weight but I wasn’t any happier.

I remember finally coming to my senses after reading an article about bulimia and thinking vomiting after eating would be worth trying. What a wake up call that was.

I eventually accepted the fact that I would never be the shape of the women I saw in magazines. I still have days when I wish I were slimmer but most days I am happy just the way I am. I’m a woman, I’m supposed to have boobs, hips and an arse - there’s nothing wrong with that.


  1. Good on you for accepting your body!!!!!!!
    Too bad more women couldn't follow your example!!!!!!!
    I think those women's magazines can make us crazy if we believe them!!!
    Women Unite!
    We LIKE our boobs, hips and arse!!!!!

  2. I knew you'd understand my lil, soul, sista!

  3. It's a shame we allow the entertainment world the right to dictate our stature in life. I am glad you decided to accept you as you are. You go girl

  4. Yay, all my sisters are showing up. I agree, Missy.

  5. I don't like stick figures and many man neither I think. I think you look very good.
    These magazines are dangerous yes. There are more anorexics than ever.

  6. Aww thanks, Marja.

    Hmmm, interesting we haven't heard from any of the men on this topic.

  7. ` UGH! This is why I always read science magazines.... And I don't have a TV!
    ` Frankly, when I'm at the gym next to someone reading a woman's magazine or 'People' or something, I feel less intelligent.

  8. I would have thought that would e make you feel MORE intelligent, S E E.

  9. ` Perhaps. I suppose it's the close proximity. You know... like it contaminates me* or something.

    ` *I am not crazy.

  10. Why should you change something on your body. You are pretty, funny and everything is ok with you.
    Smoking is no good idea and diet pills have more side effects than positive effects.

    Don't change you are ok; I like you like you really are and important to know : you are honest and a great friend

  11. When i jump from the dressing table onto the bed.........I DO NOT want to hear any bones cracking!

  12. Erik - You are too sweet. Thank you.

    Steve - Dressing table? Could have sworn you'd be a wardrobe man.