Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Biggest Loser Makes Me Wanna Eat

I love watching The Biggest Loser, I find the programme motivates me in many ways but one thing I can't figure out is why I love to eat potato chips while I watch. I hardly ever eat them any other time. They seem to taste so much better while I'm watching other people exercising and dieting, hehe!

Speaking of food our weekly recipe is up on our joint blog... Simply Delish Light Summer Salad.

That's all from me for today
See you tomorrow
Love KB


  1. KB: You have come too far! The show might make you want to eat, but it doesn't make you eat. Go back and read last year's posts, and then KNOCK IT OFF!

  2. JJ - don't worry, I think it's kinda funny and a packet of chips every now and then is fine :)

  3. Just about everything makes me want to eat potato chips!

  4. ha. have only ever seen the show a few times...i still eat potato chips...smiles.

  5. Back when I used to watch TV I was awful about eating junk food. No, wait. I guess I still am, it's just not potato chips anymore.

  6. Karen, it's the stress of watching them taking a beating LOL, it's extreme weight loss, I think that's why I get antsy when I watch it. Sometimes I skip a season because I'm so worn out from the last lol

  7. Thanks everyone.


    Missy - lol. I think Gillian stresses me out and makes me wanna eat in sympathy for the contestants, hehe.