Friday, 18 March 2011

It's All About Me

30 days to a happier, healthier me - day 17

My plan is working well. I've started some really healthy habits which I intend to continue with. In fact, I'm doing most of my 30 day plan already, it's just a matter of writing the details up :)

For the last month or so, I've been setting aside time just for me. I'd like to eventually have a whole day but at the moment it's usually Friday afternoon. The hardest part is not feeling guilty about it. I have reminders of things I think I should be doing all around me. It takes a bit of disciplin to take time for myself but the rewards are fantastic. I usually spend the time doing the crossword, reading, pampering myself or watching a movie.

In these busy times, there is always something to do but if we're stressed out to the max and rushing around trying to do everything, we won't be doing those things very well. Try to carve out some time for youself today, even if it's just half and hour. You'll find you have more energy and motivation to tackle those other things you need to do.

In other news, Coco and Whtiesnake have been busy writing up a storm. Follow the links for their news and pictures for the week.

That's all folks
See you tomorrow for Simply Delish
Love KB

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  1. I can't agree more with carving out time for yourself. I'm so glad you are doing well, love these updates!

  2. As they say.."Everything we do takes all the time we have," so might as well take some of that time for ourselves. Sounds like you have a very good plan. Also...liked the ventriloquist joke! BTW...thanks for stopping by blog and commenting

  3. It will alway be about you my darling..XXXX

  4. Very important to get some time for yourself. I have to go back on the healthy tour again and started slowly.

  5. You know if momma isn't happy then no one else is so we have to make time for ourselves. Easier said than done but you gots to do it.

    (((love you)))

  6. Thanks everyone.

    WS xxxx

    Missy - love you too xx