Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Keeping Up With KB

What a week! NZ has just had 2 minutes silence to remember the Quake victims. I've seen many pics on the news over the years of natural disasters and felt terrible sorrow for the people involved but it's not the same as seeing a tragedy like this in your own country. I see places on the news where I've visited and imagine how I could quite easily have been there when it happened. Thankfully, I was not but some of Whitesnake's family where. They arrived back here the next day, shocked but OK. I'm happy to say that everyone I know in Christchurch is safe but my thoughts are with those that were not so lucky.  I can't imagine how it must have felt to experience what they have. There have been many deaths and there are still people missing. It will take NZ a long time to recover from this.

Whitesnake's family are safe and sound back in Australia. We had a relaxing time catching up with friends and family while they were here.

Our recipe for this week is Chicken, Pumkin and Bok Choy Noodle Salad and you can find Whitesnake's take on events and his story for the week over on his blog.

That's all from me today,
Stay safe.
See you tomorrow.
Love KB


  1. There are times my darling when telling you I love you doesn't seem enough XXXX

  2. Y'all made me go and get a hankie now I've boogies everywhere. It makes a friend happy and gooey to see two people really care about another!!!

    I'm glad the family is safe and sound and I keep everyone in thought regarding the earthquake.

    Y'all have a great day today sweetnesses.