Sunday, 2 August 2009


The prompt this week is - anticipate.

Early to bed
No thoughts of our Saviour
Or the day he was born

Tossing and turning
No sleep to be had
Excitement is growing
Driving me mad

Pear through the curtains
Searching the sky
Hoping perchance
I'll see him fly by

Squeals of delight
He surely has been
Little sis impatient
To share what she's seen

Skip through the kitchen
Crumbs left on his plate
Gifts galore surprise me
Santa was definitely worth the wait

I know I'm a few months early but I'm sure the silly season will be upon us in no time. Scary thought!


Weronika Janczuk said...

In absolutely no time, you're quite right. This was a lovely poem -- fits the prompt perfectly.

Thank you!

KB said...

Happy you liked it.

Americanising Desi said...

heheheheh that was a nice one :)

Muted Anticipations

Marja said...

No better anticipation than the ancipipation of Santa. Nice poem

KB said...

AD - Shouldn't that be...ho ho ho?

KB said...

Thanks Marja.

Lion-ess said...

lovely poem.. I always love and anticipate the time of that season!

buffalodick said...

We have a fairly large house, and with my sons having their own places, we tend to leave stuff where it is. That's my way of telling you our Christmas tree is staying in the family room, fully decorated the whole year!

Melissa Russell said...

I think all kids feel that thrill of seasons, knowing soon their lives will be filled with gifts and goodies.

Loved the anticipation of the child

NR said...

it was beautiful

keith said...

Just for a moment I thought I'd missed the rest of the summer and all of the autumn! Hope he flies by soon!

KB said...

Buff - I kept mine up till Feb once but my mother was not amused. Down it came.

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting.

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