Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ask KB - The Canine Component

Welcome to Ask KB. This week's question is from Toadee.

Toadee -  Why yes, I have lots of questions boogying around my head but once I discount the pointless, the pitiful and the perverse all that's left is one rather sensible and important question concerning all three of you.
When the two human members of your menange trois got together how did the canine component feel? 

KB - Toadee - Excellent question. I warned Steve before he met Coco hat she barks at ALL men who come near me. When I arrived on the doorstep with Steve, Coco came trotting up to him like they were est friends. I was gob smacked and took it as an excellent sign. I wonder how many dog treats he paid her in. Next question please :)

Whitesnake - That was a brill how about those perverse ones........?

Yeah it was funny cos I said ta KB that Coco would love me......but Kb wasn't so sure.......She actually just jumped in the car after having a sniff as if she wanted to go for a drive..........

Coco - woof!

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Love KB

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Toadee said...

thank you for that answer, and thank you, Steve, for the added information.
I believe that Coco is very wise in the ways of men but every dog has her price

Whitesnake said...

so true brother so true

KB said...

Taodee - It was a very good question. Coco is a very good judge of character :)

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