Thursday, 23 September 2010

KB's Briefs

You didn't really expect to see a pic of my knickers did you?

Some brief news bites from around New Zealand and the rest of the World.

  • Happy Anniversary to US. We've been together for a year today. I'm so happy to be sharing my life with Whitesnake. Love ya babe xxxx

  • I've reduced my facebook friends down to 100. It was so nice to open my facebook this morning and read news from people I actually know.

  • Air New Zealand have painted a plane black to promote our Rugby Team - The All it!

  • Paris Hilton's past has come back to haunt her. She wasn't allowed to enter Japan because of her recent jaunt to court, regarding charges of using Cocaine. There are consequences to using Cocaine? Who knew?

  • Simply Delish will be up and cooking on Saturday...we have had some interest from friends, so I'm hoping we'll have some delish recipes to try.

That's all folks,
Love KB


Missy said...

Only a hundred. I must really be a no name LOL... Great work kiddo.

Happy, happy anniversary to you. (((hugs)))

The plane looks like a zebra :)it looks great though.

I love these little tidbits.

KB said...

Missy - you are one of my dearest friends and have been there for me 100%. I love you dearly.

Don't forget to come back Saturday with your recipe :)

bettyl said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Can't wait for your recipes!

KB said...

I hope you'll come back and share some of yours with us :)

emily wierenga said...

lol... love the bit about the knickers! and way to go re: facebook. i should do that too. peace to you, e.

Whitesnake said...

Let the cooking comence! xxxx

Scott said...

nice briefs! lol happy anniversary, life is so much more enjoyable when we've got someone with which to share it!

Missy said...

Why yes I was looking forward to a view of your knickers LOL Fruit of the LOOM, Hanes or Fredricks lol

LOve you oodles and gobs

KB said...

You are so funny :)

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