Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Good, The Bad And The Rugby

Steve and I recently enjoyed FIVE days off together. We had a busy, fun and productive time.

The Bad

I'll begin with the bad so I can get it out of the way and also, the bad will finish up in the good section later. Don't you love it when that happens?

I, or should I say we, decided we should spend some of our time off making a start on the Spring Cleaning. Steve does an excellent job with the cleaning AND he gets out of bed much earlier than I do AND on his days off, makes my breakfast AND brings it to me along with my coffee. Not only is this a fantastic way to start my day but by the time I leisurely crawled out of bed, on this occassion, much of said Spring Cleaning was either done or under way. Isn't he wonderful?

I decided to leave him to it and head outdoors. Coco, (otherwise know as the dog of eternal stench), was badly in need of a bath. Usually, I would leave it till she's quite ripe because she hates having a bath but my parents were due for a visit. I donned my rubber gloves, grabbed the dog shampoo and bucket and got stuck in.

It was now time to tackle the garden. Steve usually removes most of the weeds when he mows the lawns. However, we have a small garden near our front gate which can't be seen from the house or the road and therefore gets a little neglected. Basically, the only people who see it are our visitors and since Mum and Dad where due for a guessed it...time to get stuck in.

Our car was overdue for a warrant of fitness. I was going to book her in for a service and W.O.F at the usual place but I was worried because we only have the one car and we'd have a fair distance to walk home. Also, I knew the car needed a few repairs, which could be expensive.

The Good

Our home is looking great.

Coco looks very cute and smells good after her bath.

Garden looked much better for Mum and Dad's arrival.

Dad had a fabulous Father's Day.

We noticed a new vehicle testing garage when we were out shopping. We booked the car for a service, enjoyed the scenery on our lovely 20 min walk home and the car came back all shiny, clean and ship shape AND it wasn't as expensive as we thought.

The Rugby

I'm sooooo excited. It's less than a year (by a couple of days) until the Rugby World Cup kicks off in New Zealand *does Dance of Joy as demonstrated here*.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, the All Blacks will be playing Australia tonight for the Tri-Nations trophy. Actually, New Zealand are too far ahead points wise, for any team to catch them, which means they've already won the Tri-Nations.  I'll still enjoy watching the game and cheering my boys on.

Hope you are well.

Love KB

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad everything turned out well :D

I'm feeling really productive today, so far I've got up, showered, eaten breakfast, caught up on facebook, mapped out a walk for this afternoon (using historical markers as motivation :p) and now I'm almost ready to go! And it's not even midday. (Plus the best part is I don't have to do any of the things I was planning to do today because I managed to get them all done last night :D)

rebecca said...

Wow. I've never experienced but my mother-in-law has - a very bad one that hit mexico city many, many years ago. she was so shaken by it, it affected her so that it the trauma of it stayed with her for a very long time.

glad to hear you and your loved ones are all okay....

Nessa said...

Wow, you got so much done. Your puppy is so very cute. And Steve treats you very well. Lucky girl ;)

Whitesnake said...

There was me thinking ya never knew what I was up too....xxxx

Missy said...

Sounds like a well oiled day was afoot. :) Love the picci's with the commentary.

You're garden looks smashing. Coco looks like a rather happy clean dog too. :)

KB said...

DL - Thanks hun. Wow, you have been really busy. I'm proud of you x

Rebecca - I've never experienced it either and I hope I never will. Thanks for stopping by.

Nessa - Thanks and he sure does.

Steve - I always do babe but in a good way xxxx

Missy - Thanks hun, glad you likey x

Patti Winters said...

WooHoo the AllBlacks won!!!!!! This is my husband's favorite team. We have 45 episodes of Rugby recorded on our DVR.

Congrats on getting the house, yard and dog clean! We had company last week so I understand completely!

KB said...

He's got great taste your husband :)

Patti Winters said...

I know he married me! :)

KB said...


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