Monday, 6 September 2010

Coco's World - I think It's A Hare But It's Blue

Here's my contribution to CC. Click here for more Camera Critters

Over the years, I've bought my wee girl many doggie toys. Said toys were usually destroyed within the hour. 

Coco received a free toy sample with a new flavour of dog biscuits.

I kept a close eye on her as she set to work on this rather unusual looking....I think it's a hare but it's blue.

Imagine my surprise a week's still in one piece.

She thinks it't the best thing since sliced dog roll and takes it everywhere with her.

 Thanks Beneful!

Have a great day.

Coming up...Microfiction Monday and Father's Day Pics



marina said...

how adorable!!! love the photo where she's upside down.

Missy said...

Awww this is great!! Love the blue critter toy. How cute is it. Coco is almost to big for her mom's lap lol.

KB said...

Thanks for stopping by, marina.

Missy - Isn't she adorable? She's put on weight Missy. Must need more walks :)

Manz said...

the roll is to die for! Nice collection of happy photos.

KB said...

Thanks for stopping by.


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