Wednesday, 1 September 2010

One Shot Wednesday - Celebrate Spring

It's the first day of Spring...YAY!

Springs beauty arrives
Like a breath of fresh air
Winter blues exit
On a cloud of despair

Young lambs are playing
New lives just begun
My aches and pains fade
In the warmth of the sun

Kids invent games
As daffodils bloom
Summer is imminent
For me, not a moment too soon

Coming up... Coco's of our wee dog..

Have a wonderful day.

Love KB


Unknown said...

Wonderful poem. Love your blog!

Brian Miller said...

so much promise in spring...heading into fall fav time of all colors rise once more before the long sleep of winter...nice one shot!

KB said...

Nessa - Do you love my blog because we have the same templete? Hehe.

Brian - I love fall (known as Autumn here). Looking forward to the sunshine though.

Bill Cook said...

Lovely celebration of Spring. A little nostalgia for those of us who are leaving summer behind. - Bill

Timoteo said...

You're happy to be done with, we're happy to almost be done with's a long and a hot one!
Thanks for the visit--glad I discovered your blog.

SuziCate said...

Winter blues exit
On a cloud of despair - I REALLY like that line, nice poem.

TALON said...

There is something so rejuvenating about Spring. Hope yours is glorious! We're looking forward to autumn here and it's been a brutal summer so it can't come too soon!

Desert Rose said...

Interesting how seasons affect us! i enjoyed this poem..:)

G-Man said...

You Kiwi's are such opposites!!

Loved your poem Karen...G

KB said...

We're upside down too G :)

Beachanny said...

Nice poem; you capture the season well. Not an easy feat but you pull it off. Thank you for posting. Gay

Wild Rose said...

Nice poem and love the seasons, thanks for stopping by mine :)

suja said...

Ah spring! Nothing like it to bring back that zest into living :)

buttercup said...

You have captured the seasons well my dog's name is Coco too:):):

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem. :)

Glynn said...

There have been first days of spring when I felt exactly the same way.

Anonymous said...

This poem just danced when I read it. Even more dancing when read out loud.

I look foward to reading more of your work!
Thanks for visisting my page and commenting!

PattiKen said...

Your poem is full of the lightness of being and optimism as spring is itself. Though we are moving into fall here, I like fall a lot. I'd like it even better were it not followed by cold and snow and slush. :-(

Marshy said...

i am go back to school on minday..summer is over..and you are celebrating spring...a great little celebration..cheers pete

Bubba said...

Maybe not very timely (with Autumn now bearing down) but a stellar Spring poem!

alexandra macias said...

great poem

Mommy Emily said...

spring... you've captured it here! i can feel its warmth on my shoulders... beautiful. you should join me for imperfect prose on thursdays, friend.

ninotaziz said...

Dear KB,
We do not have seasons, it's either sunny or rainy up here.

But I love the changing seasons, had my share of it in Canada.

So I can envy you spring down there!

And what a lovely poem to welcome it!

KB said...

Thanks everyone.

Eric - It's Spring time where I live :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful poem. I wished it was spring here too; then I could look forward to the summer.

We had only one month real summer weather (a little bit too hot)in July. August was rainy and September start to be better but temperatures may be a little bit higher.

Unknown said...

Wonderful poem and fun blog. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate the visit but cannot post comments with links.

Take care & God bless.

moondustwriter said...

I love Spring - lambs and flowers opening

thanks for sharing with 1 Shot!

Moon Smiles

KB said...

Erik - Hope you see some sunshine soon.

Judy - I usually include a link to my post when I visit to make the post easier to find as I often post more than one item per day. I'll try to remember not to do so if I visit again. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Moony :)

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