Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Would You Like Dog Biscuits With That?

Hi all,

I'll get to the dog biscuits shortly...

Steve has been working flat out (as usual) but we have FIVE days off coming up.

*does the dance of joy* as demonstrated here by Joss this!

Actually, Steve does a great interpretation of this dance, I will see if I can secretly video tape him .

Looking forward to dining at our favourite sushi place  (don't panic, they don't serve dog biscuits, I'm getting to that part), celebrating Father's Day with my parents and generally goofing off.

See y'all in a week.

If you can't wait a week to see me can check out the new features on my blog.

They are here *points up* below the KB's Room - Do Not Enter bit.

You'll find...

Me and Him...Photos of me and Steve.

Video Vault...Coco Goes Bananas and me looking silly.

Ask KB...You can ask me ANYTHING. Doesn't mean I'll answer but you can ask.

Gallery... random pics.

That should keep you busy until I return.

Coming up...Coco's World - Coco and Steve doing the dance of joy? 

I was concentrating so hard on what I was going to write in my next post about Coco that I almost put dog biscuits into boiling water instead of pasta.

Love KB


G-Man said...

Yes Karen...
The BEST Dance Ever!!!

G-Man said...

It's called The Yahtzee Dance!!

KB said...

Thank you Yahtzee King :)

Whitesnake said...

Oh the dance of ya babe

KB said...

Your dance is better xxxx

Unknown said...

I didn't know about the Yahtzee Dance either. I want now to dance with you, Karen.

Brian Miller said...

dog biscuits boiled are a whole different texture...much like the dance of

Unknown said...

Awesome post KB :)

Melissa Russell said...

Enjoy your time together. I'm in my second week of work and I'm getting use to it now. This past week I've been up at four because it's Dove season and we expected a flock of men to come in to eat, hasn't been that way, but it's been steady.

Take care chica

Nessa said...

Boiled dog biscuits would not be good.

KB said...

*dances around with Erik*

Brian - you've tried dog biscuits cooked that way?

Thanks, Neva.

Missy - The time flew by.

I agree, Nessa.

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