Saturday, 25 September 2010

Dizzy Blonde

Enjoyed a tasty Indian meal last night with Whitesnake and my parents. Whitesnake told me before we left to meet Mum and Dad, that he wasn't keen on Indian food. Me thinks he still has the same opinion as he ordered extra mild and it still almost blew his head off. My poor babe. We had a fantastic time, the rest of us loved our food, the wine was lovely and the conversation was fantastic.

Whitesnake was telling Dad about our Simply Delish venture on our blog. Dad said, oh yes, I've seen Karen's blog before...Dizzy Blonde. Had quite a giggle over that...DB (which is actually the name of a brand of beer in NZ) doesn't quite have the same ring as KB. I'm still chuckling over it.

Whitesnake and I love watching the show...Who Do You Think You Are. It's a TV show were celebrities research their family trees. I'm really interested in finding out more about my family. I come from English and Italian heritage but I don't know much about the Italian side. I questioned my Dad about the Italian side of the family and learnt heaps more than I had previously remembered. I especially love the fact my Dad has an Uncle Frank who he was warned about. Apparently, he was told not to go anywhere alone with his Uncle as he was "connected"...if you know what I mean. Looking forward to doing a bit of research and finding out more.

Well, that's all from Dizzy today.

Love ya

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Missy said...

This was a fun read kiddo. Maybe a bit dizzy after a bit of the vino, but others wise dizzy doesn't suit you hehehehee.

Hugs to you

Whitesnake said...

It was a wonderful evening with some very special people and none more special nor as precious as you.
Krazy Blonde, Dizzy Blonde I love you anyway!

Mama Zen said...

This makes me hungry for Indian food!

keiths ramblings said...

Hi Diz. Just had an Indian meself!(A meal that is) Love it.

Marja said...

Mmmm I live indian We have an Indian take away opposite work so I do forget my lunch sometimes and....
Oh an Italien decendent :Ciao Bambina

KB said...

Missy - glad you enjoyed it and also glad you prefer KB than DB :)

WS - it was so much fun.

MZ - your comment is making me hungry.

Keith - glad you clarified that :)

Marja - yum yum

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