Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ask KB - The Rugby Connection

Today's question is from the lovely, Missy.

Missy - I would like to know what turned you on to Rugby? I know women are getting more into sports, but why Rugby?

KB - Excellent question Missy.

My Dad is a huge football fan. I remember when I was a wee lass he would spend hours watching and playing football. He didn't have much time for watching other sports but would make an exception when the All Blacks  (NZ's international rugby team) were playing. Back in those days the All Blacks were a force to be reckoned with and would leave the opposition quaking in their boots.

I moved to NZ with my family when I was 15. Coming from England, which has a huge football following to NZ, which has a passion for rugby, was quite a change for me. I remember I would often ask my boyfriend if he would like to go out on the weekend and he would stare at me like I was mad and reply, "But the ruggers is on." Or I would phone him and he would say, "I'll have to call you back, the rugby is on." As you can imagine, rugby wasn't very popular with me.

Some considerable time later, a group of friends went to watch Auckland play a rugby match. I kept the telly on just in case I saw them in the crowd. Before the game started, there was an interview with one of the players - Carlos Spencer. So began my obsession with Carlos, or should I say, rugby, hehe. I began watching all the Auckland games and was surprised how much I enjoyed, not just the perving but the actual game, once I learned more about the rules.

I've been to several matches over the years and cheer on the Auckland teams and the All Blacks religiously. I have met (stalked)many of the players. I've been known to get out of bed after four hours sleep and watch a rugby test before heading off to work. When NZ were knocked out of the last World Cup, I actually wept (sad but true).

Here's a little vid for you to enjoy.

I think many women in NZ start watching Rugby because of the way the boys are promoted as eye candy or because many of their men folk watch the game but after a while they realise they actually enjoy watching the games too.  Hope this answers your question Missy.

Have a great day all.
Love KB

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Missy said...

yup and a great response it is too!

I mean I'm interested in Rugby now because of their little war chant, it has nothing to do with all those thighs and pecs .....what who's been saying something it's the game I tell ya.

Actually a little blonde headed friend from NZ got me interested. I mean towel aside and all :)

KB said...

I'm sure I have that towel pic somewhere :)


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