Thursday, 2 December 2010

Keeping Up With KB

Holiday time is over for Whitesnake and I, time flies when you're having fun.  I missed half of it because I was sick with a cold but I'm feeling much better now. We had a few nice meals out, caught up with my parents, watched a few movies and had lots of sleep. It was really relaxing and fun.
Whitesnake celebrated his birthday with a few friends, ( I was in bed).

Whitesnake and the boys

He went for a couple of interviews during his time off and I'm pleased to report, he starts a new job soon. I'm so proud of him.

Our veggies are growing really well. I'm so excited about this because I haven't been able to grow much in the past. I remember one time when I was younger, doing the weeding while my ex was at work, I thought I was doing great but apparently pulled out most of the flowers and left the weeds behind. Ex was not very happy and it put me off doing any more gardening. Seems like I do have a green thumb after all and I'm really enjoying looking after my babies and watching them grow.   You can read more and see more pics or our veggie garden here.

KB eating first strawberry from the garden
So, I'm going to spend today catching up on my internet stuff (never ending job). Tomorrow, it's back to working on 30 days to a happier, healthier me. Actually, I've been quite good while I've been on hols, haven't drowned in wine or pigged out too much.

Speaking of pigs, there is to be a new animal welfare code in NZ to stop pregnant sows being kept in crates. Yay! There's still much to be done regarding animal welfare and farming but this is a huge step in the right direction. I remember a while ago, signing a card (along with many Kiwis) and sending it to my MP and thinking, this is probably a waste of time, nobody listens to the people but something was actually done this time. Fantastic news!  

P.S. Kiwis - don't forget to observe 2 mins silence at 2pm in remembrance of the Pike River miners.

Hope you are all well.
Love KB


  1. So much fun and sad to be back you babe xxxx

  2. Good for you for taking on the garden again! It's fun to hear from folks who are in the middle of their summer. It's the great white north up here right now.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Still no word on the miners huh? I haven't seen anything on the news over here about it, my only updates are through the net.

    Happy Birthday to Whitesnake!

  4. oh i would love to eat a fresh strawberry right now...but we only have snow in the garden at the moment...

  5. Why is it we always get sick on vacation? I think it's that "life isn't fair" rule.

    I, too, enjoyed gardening this year. This winter I am enjoying feeding the birds. I never seemed to have time for this stuff when I was younger, but I am much enjoying it now.

  6. sounds like fun, sorry you didnt feel well the entire time.


  7. Whitesnake is having entirely too much fun. I hope I'm invited next year!

  8. ack. hope you continue to feel better...and glad whitesnake had a good bday!

  9. Mama - make sure you wrap up and keep warm.

    Sheila - there have been several explosions at the mine which nobody could have survived :(

    Claudia - shame I can't sent some to you.

    Quilly - I am chasing the birds away from our strawberries.

    David - thanks so much.

    JJ - that would be so much fun.

    Brian - thanks my friend.